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Integrated Decorative Plate

General Introduction
What is an integrated decorative plate? The aluminum alloy integrated decorative plate is a plate composed of aluminum alloy, decorative surface, thermal insulation material and anti-corrosion aluminum foil with a composite technology. In addition to the decorative function, the integrated decorative plate features also environmental protection, heat insulation, sound insulation, fire prevention, moisture resistance, corrosion prevention, etc. It is durable, and easy to clean and to install. The integrated decorative plate does no harm to people, so that the users can live in the house immediately after the installation. It resolves the problem of decoration pollution.

1. Thermal Insulation

The thermal insulation effect of this product is tested and approved by national authoritative departments. Compared with other plates, our plates can make the room temperature more stable. We test the temperatures of the room installed with our plates and the room installed with ordinary plates, the temperature difference between these two rooms is about 10 degrees. Our integrated decorative plate is the best wall decoration material for hot summer and cold winter. Thanks to its unique thermal insulation performance, it can be applied to the balcony and the roof to prevent the room from getting sweltering. And it realizes the energy-saving result.

2. Sound Insulation
Tested by national authoritative departments, our plates can reduce noise pollution by 29 decibels, which is equivalent to the effect of a solid wall. The sound insulation function makes bedroom quieter. The plates can also be used in the bathroom to reduce the noise made by drain pipe. Our plates can also be applied to various meeting rooms and sound proof rooms.

3. Fire Prevention
After testing, the surface aluminum plate reaches Class A fire rating, and the thermal insulation material in middle reaches Class B fire rating. The ceiling is made of light gauge steel frame which is equivalent to Class A rating. Our plates can basically meet the fire protection requirements.

4. Moisture Resistance
With good moisture resistance, the product is suitable for especially for the decoration in the south. It solves, in particular, the problem of mildew of interior decoration in the south.

5. High Hardness
With the composite technology of aluminum alloy sheet and polyurethane, our integrated decorative plate has a higher hardness and strength than a traditional aluminum. It can be directly used in all kinds of walls. When it serves as the ceiling, the light gauge steel frame is not needed, thus reducing the frame by a wide margin and simplifying the construction process.

6. Environmental Protection
All the raw materials of our products are environmentally friendly, in order to ensure the room without smell after installation. If the plates are installed today, the users can live in the room tomorrow.

7. Easy to Clean without Deformation
The surface of the product has gone through an oil resistant treatment with nanotechnology. Unlike the traditional decoration materials that are hard to clean, it can be directly wiped with a rag or a mop, or it can be rinsed directly with water. And it will not deform.

8. Easy Installation
Unlike other complicated installation method, our plates adopt traditional mounting method to make the installation easy. No professional is needed, and even a carpenter can handle the installation. The products can be installed on the rough walls to save labor and time, which realizes the industrialized production and on-site assembly.

9. Fashionable and Beautiful
The plates is available with a variety of patterns, including high-end wallpaper patterns, popular European retro style, American pastoral style, and so forth. The multi-functional plates can connected with each other to form various types of decoration style.

10. Space-saving
The plates can be directly installed on the rough wall with nails. The frame is not necessary. Both flat patterns and relief are available. Compared with traditional decoration materials, this kind of plate can save 5cm-10cm of space.

Integrated decorative plate
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