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Garage Door Forming Equipment

Thank you for visiting our website! This product page shows you our range of garage door forming equipment. Whether you require a garage door forming machine, a door assembly machine, or a slitting machine, our products can meet all your needs. Having been producing forming machines for the garage door industry for years, we will partner with you as much as you need.

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1. Garage Door Forming Machine

Forming steps 26
Motor power 7.5KW
Forming speed 6-10m/min
Material width 400-600m

2. Door Assembly Machine
Our door assembly machine is designed using the latest technology. Unlike other roll formers, it can form garage door panels at one step, providing perfect results.

Forming steps 22
Motor power 5.5KW
Forming speed 6-10m/min
Material width 400-600m

3. Garage Door Forming Machine

Forming steps 16
Motor power 5.5KW
Forming speed 6-10m/min
Material width 400-600m

4. Wood Pattern Embossed Forming Machine
This forming equipment is used for pressing wood grain or pattern into the surface of the garage doors.

5. Slitting Machine
Our slitting line consists of uncoiler, feed guide, slitting device, recoiler, etc. It is designed to break down wide roll material into smaller roll material of a particular width, along the direction of length. This slitting machine is ideal for slitting of various metal plates, including silicon steel plates, stainless steel plates, color plates, aluminum plates, and more. With the advantages of easy operation, high automation, great efficiency and long service life, it is increasingly used in automotive, agricultural vehicles, containers, household appliances, packaging, building materials, and other fields.

6. Guide Rails Forming Machine

Thickness 1.2-2.0mm
Material width 90-100mm
Forming steps 14
Motor power 5.5kw

7. Bending Forming Machine
Our bend forming equipment features light weight, compact structure, simple operation and high safety, and so it is very popular with customers worldwide.

8. Hydraulic Foam Platform
Our hydraulic foam platform is mainly composed of flange adjustment, moving system, platform, and hydraulic control system. It is very efficient and easy to operate, which can greatly reduce the labor intensity.

As a garage door forming equipment manufacturer with more than 10 years of experience, we can also produce security door forming machine, roll shutter forming machine, and more, to satisfy your different demands. Our products are high quality and CE compliant, so customers can feel secure in using them.
Our company is located in Wuxi, near Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou. Here, we have easy access to convenient transportation, in addition to local material suppliers, which greatly reduces our production costs, and saves our customers on their shipping charges as well.
Contact us today for more information on our garage door roll forming solutions.

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