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Tile Roof Forming Machine

We really appreciate your interest in our website! As a Chinese tile roof forming machine manufacturer, we have been devoted to providing customers with high quality forming equipment since our very beginning. Due to our consistent dedication to quality, we are ISO9001 certified, so customers can feel secure in their purchase.

Our tire roof forming machine, as its name suggests, is a machine used to make glazed tiles. It consists of loading rack and its base, feed guide, main forming machine, punching device, molding, cutting devices, hydraulic station, computer control cabinet, etc. The control system is very easy to operate, which enables the tire roof forming equipment to automatically complete feeding, forming and cutting operations at a time. Parameters like single purse length, cutting time and forming time can be set using text screen.

The glazed tiles made by our forming machine are aesthetically pleasing, elegant, durable, low priced, and so are widely used in the construction of pavilions, hotels, villas, exhibition halls, resorts, private residences, etc.

Technical Parameters of HZ-1250-1076 Tile Roof Forming Machine

Thickness 0.3-0.8mm
Feeding width 1000-1250mm
Effective width 820-1060mm
Forming step 13
Main motor 5.5kw

In order to satisfy all of customers’ needs, we also produce sheet forming machine, roll shutter forming machine, C, Z shape forming machine, and other related products. As our products have the advantages of reliable performance, low power consumption, and long service life, they are in great demand by customers from Britain, Spain, Portugal, and countries in Africa and the Middle East.
Whenever you have a need for our products, please let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

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