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Sheet Forming Machine (Corrugated Sheet)

Thanks for your visit to our website! We are specialized sheet forming machine manufacturer, located in China. This product page shows you our double layer roof forming machine, decking forming machine, corrugated sheet forming machine and curved roof forming machine, which are reliable, efficient, and CE compliant.

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Double Layer Roof Forming Machine

This roof panel machine is designed to make roof panel, wall panel, roofing sheet, metal ceiling. Equipped with the computer control system, this metal roof machine is very easy to operate.

Thickness 0.3-0.8mm
Feeding width 1000-1250mm
Effective width 780-1060mm
Forming step 16
Main motor 5.5kw

Double Layer Rolling Shutter Forming Machine, HZ-85

Uncoiler: 2 tons
Polyurethane foaming machine
Servo flying saw
PLC automatic control system
Run-out table
Material: Aluminum sheet/ Colored steel sheet
Thickness: 0.6-0.8mm
Width: 164mm
Drive type: Gear box with universal joint transmission system
Forming steps: 41
Main power: 11KW
Working speed: 10-15m/min
Forming Spec.: HZ-85

Processing Process
Uncoiler---Feeding guide---Roll forming rail---Preheating---PU foaming--- Heat preservation---Roll forming---Levelling---Servo flying saw for cut off ---Turn-out table

Decking Forming Machine HZ-153-560

Our decking forming machine features high speed, easy operation, and long service life. The products made by this equipment are aesthetic, high strength, and are extensively used in steel structure buildings like power plant, power equipment company, automobile exhibition hall, steel structure workshop, cement storehouse, steel structure office, train station, stadium, music hall, hypermarket, logistics center, etc. 

Thickness 1.5-2.0mm
Feeding width 1000mm
Effective width 560mm
Forming step 28
Main motor 15kw*2

Corrugated Sheet Forming Machine

Our corrugated sheet forming machine is known for its reliable performance, great durability, and consistent quality. Corrugated sheets made by this equipment have the following advantages
1. Superior weather resistance, corrosion resistance
2. Outstanding waterproof capacity
3. Great wind resistance, quake resistance, fire resistance,
4. Good sound reduction, thermal insulation due to the use of porous foam core
5. Light weight, to reduce the load of building
6. Easy to handle and install
As a result, these corrugated sheets are widely used in the construction of modern plants, fertilizer plants, sewage treatment plants, electroplating factories, power plants, warehouse, etc.

Thickness 0.3-0.8mm
Feeding width 1000-1250mm
Effective width 780-1060mm
Forming step 16
Main Motor 5.5kw

HZ315-130-780 Curved Roof Forming Machine

Our curved roof forming machine primarily consists of main frame, computer control system, special cutting device, hydraulic system. Curved roof plates produced by this forming equipment are elegant, durable, economical, functional, high strength, and thus are increasingly used in the construction of plant, plane garage, gymnasium, exhibition hall, cinema, theater, etc.

Thickness 0.3-0.8mm
Feeding width 1000-1250mm
Effective width 820-1060mm
Forming step 12
Main Motor 5.5kw

If you are in need of roll shutter forming machine, tile roof forming machine, cutting slitting line, etc., we can also fulfill your needs. Our products are quality built, low priced, and are accompanied by considerate service. In addition, wearing parts are available upon request. As a result, our products are highly sought after by customers from Britain, Spain, Portugal, and countries in Africa and the Middle East, etc.
If you have any inquiries, please contact us via phone or email. Our staff is waiting to serve you.

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