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Embossed Forming Machine

An embossed forming machine is a piece of forming equipment designed to produce raised or sunken patterns on sheet of metal, like aluminum, steel, copper, etc. The embossed metals are more aesthetic and functional, and thus are more attractive to customers. Generally, they have found many applications, including garage door panels, appliance panels, metal office furniture, etc.

We are a specialized embossed forming machine manufacturer. As shown in the pictures, our embossed forming machine can produce a great variety of patterns, to suit your different requirements. Featuring high performance and long service life, our embossing machines are used extensively in the industries of in steel construction, automotive, decoration materials, household appliances, transportation, and more.

If you are looking for sheet forming machine, tile roof forming machine, roll shutter forming machine or related products, we can also fulfill your needs. As our products are designed and manufactured using superior material, advanced equipment and technology like CNC lathe and COPRA software, they are quality built, safe to use, and CE certified. As a result, our roll forming machines are favored by customers from Britain, Spain, Portugal, as well as Africa and the South America.
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