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Roll Shutter Forming Machine

    1. Roll Shutters Forming Machine Our dedicated technical team, extensive experience and cooperative relationships with famous universities in China enable us to keep our technology current and constantly introduce new products to the market.
    1. Roll Shutter Slat Forming Machine This roll forming machine mainly consists of single side or double side unwinding frame, roll forming main motor, polyester blistering machine, pneumatic type automatic cutter, air pressure automatic punching machine, run out table and PLC control system.
    1. Octagonal Tube Equipment It is designed with attention to the smallest detail and manufactured using the latest technology, by our skilled staff. As a result, our octagonal tube equipment has achieved the internationally advanced level in terms of quality and performance.
    1. Shutter Box Forming Machine The product pictured here is HZ-BOX shutter box forming machine, which is one of our popular forming machines. This roll forming equipment can make a variety of shutter boxes and covers, with sizes respectively ranging from 351-554mm, 238-422mm.
    1. Roller Shutter Door Forming Machine Embedded hydraulic station: 4KW, 380V, 50/60HZ, 3phase
      Embedded control cabinet: Delta PLC control system, Delta transducer
      Cantilever console: Delta touch screen

Huazhong Cold Bending Machinery Company is a roll shutter forming machine manufacturer and supplier, based in China. We have been in metal processing equipment industry for over ten years, so we are experienced enough and have strong strength to provide quality products to worldwide customers. In order to ensure the performance and efficiency of our tile roof forming machine and sheet forming machine, etc., we adopt highly advanced CNC machine tool and Germany COPRA roll design software.

This page will primarily introduce you one of our products, roll shutter forming machine.

This machine is designed to produce rolling shutter doors, and it consists of automatic discharge table, feed leading table, main forming machine, cutting device, hydraulic station, and PLC computer control system, etc. Conventional and hydraulic uncoilers are optional. In addition, our English manual will make the operation of our equipment much easier. Due to reliable performance and affordable prices, our roll shutter forming machine is widely used in the production of rolling shutter doors for supermarkets, plants, and factories, and more.

Suitable for working at voltages of 220V, 380V and 410V, our metal forming machine can be used in any part of the world. Currently, our CE certified products are well received in Britain, Spain, Portugal, and countries in Africa and the Middle East, etc. To ensure buyers use our product as early as possible, we promise to deliver goods in 3 months, and we also offer a certain amount of wearing parts for convenient maintenance. Payment by T/T is allowable.
If you have any roll shutter forming machine or other metal processing machinery requirement, please click to specific product pages or contact us directly. We are confident you will be satisfied with our product and service.