Shutter Box Forming Machine

Welcome to Huazhong Cold Bending Machinery Company, an ISO9001 certified shutter box forming machine manufacturer in China.

The product pictured here is HZ-BOX shutter box forming machine, which is one of our popular forming machines. This roll forming equipment can make a variety of shutter boxes and covers, with sizes respectively ranging from 351-554mm, 238-422mm. Although the main motor power and material thickness are 5.5KW and 0.8-0.9mm, the forming steps involved in making box and cover are different. Please refer to the parameter tables below for more detailed information.

Technical Parameters of Shutter Box Forming Machine

Forming step 16
Thickness 0.8-0.9mm
Main motor 5.5KW
Forming step 8
Thickness 0.8-0.9mm
Main motor 5.5KW
Shutter size(mm) Box (mm) Cover (mm)
150 351 238
165 381 266
180 410 294
205 464 344
230 554 422

With years of manufacturing experience, we can produce a wide range of products, including roll shutter forming machine, corrugated sheet forming machine, C, Z shape forming equipment, and more. In order to offer customers better quality products, we utilize advanced equipment and strictly monitor each production process, from material selection, through processing, to final inspections. As a result of our efforts, our products are high quality, long lasting, CE certified, and are in great demand by customers worldwide.
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