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Roll Shutter Slat Forming Machine

The product pictured here is our roll shutter slat forming machine, which is stylish, functional, and features automatic punching, cutting and foaming operations. This roll forming machine mainly consists of single side or double side unwinding frame, roll forming main motor, polyester blistering machine, pneumatic type automatic cutter, air pressure automatic punching machine, run out table and PLC control system.

In order to meet the diversified customer needs, we provide a wide range of roll shutter slat forming machines, which are available in different specifications.

Roll Shutter Slat Forming Machine, HZ-37/HZ-42/HZ-55
With Single Side Unwinding Frame

Type HZ-37 ZH-42 HZ-55
Thickness 0.28-0.4mm 0.27-0.5mm 0.27-0.5mm
Forming step 37 32-37 32-37
Main motor 11KW 11KW 11KW

Roll Shutter Slat Forming Machine, HZ-77/HZ-90
With Double Side Unwinding Frame

Type HZ-77 HZ-90
Thickness 0.27-0.5mm 0.5-0.7mm
Forming step 41 37
Main motor 11KW 11KW
Forming spec HZ-77 HZ90
Material galvanized steel & aluminum galvanized steel
Working speed 20-30m/min 20-30m/min

Huazhong Cold Bending Machinery Company is an experienced roll shutter slat forming machine manufacturer in China. Other types of metal processing equipment like sheet forming machine and C, Z shape forming machine, etc. are also available. As a result of their reliable quality and economical prices, our products are favored by customers in many countries and regions.
If you are in need of roll forming machines, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to serve you.

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